Who are we?

We’re researchers, urban policy experts, citizen initiative advocates, story tellers, specialists in urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, local economic and policy development and social innovation…
We ignite tales of urban justice, support efforts to reclaim our spaces and passionately gather, research and relay narratives of success to both experts and decision-makers as well as a wider audience alike.
That’s why our work is so diverse, and the projects we engage in so wide in scope. From consultancies to journalism, from documentary film-making to publications, from implementation projects to research – we unite stakeholders with municipalities, activists, the public, funding bodies and a wide spectrum of protagonists.

But more importantly…

We’re a group of diverse individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds… And we’re passionate about a major and all-important topic: just cities.

We're just us...


Daniela Patti is a co-founder of Eutropian. She is an Italian-British architect and urban planner, has studied in Rome, London, Porto and holds a Ph.D. in urbanism from the Technical University of  Vienna. Her recent research and projects’ interest has been on the governance of peri-urban landscape, the revitalisation of local food markets, economic models for community-based urban development and strategies to tackle urban poverty. She regularly works with the URBACT, Urban innovative Actions, the International Urban Cooperation and Urban Agenda on Urban Poverty  programs. She worked for the Rome Municipality in 2014-15, since 2012 she is board member of the Wonderland Platform for European Architecture and was a researcher at the Central European Institute of Technology in 2010-14.


Levente Polyak is urban planner, researcher, community advocate and policy adviser. He has worked on urban regeneration programmes for the New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities. He taught at MOME and BUTE (Budapest) and TU Wien and was visiting fellow at Columbia University and the ENSA Paris-Malaquais and holds a PhD in Sociology from the Central European University. He is member of KÉK (Budapest) and board member of Wonderland (Vienna). He has been working as expert in URBACT networks (Temporary Use as a Tool for Urban Regeneration, Interactive Cities, ACTive NGOs, RiConnect, CO4CITIES) and Urban Innovative Actions projects (Curing the Limbo Athens, DARE Ravenna, CUP 4 Creativity Újbuda), designing learning trajectories and supporting knowledge exchange among cities.

Bahanur Nasya is an architect, researcher and film producer. She has studied in Vienna and Barcelona, where she has specialised in sustainable architecture and future proof development concepts. Currently she is involved in research projects, paying special attention to the relationship between environmental and social impacts. She has produced films. She is the Head of Organisations at Wonderland – platform for European architecture. At Eutropian, she leads projects, manages the Vienna office, develops projects and funding opportunities, leads co-creation workshops and coordinates publications.


Jorge Mosquera is an Italian-Ecuadorian designer and urban researcher. He trained as an architect in Genoa and Lisbon focusing on the social impact of spatial design and specialised in urban regeneration and social innovation with a II level M.Sc degree at the IUAV University of Venice. Within this master’s program, he worked in Barcelona with Platoniq researching on digital and urban commons studying the work of platforms like Decidim and Goteo for the common good. Jorge started working and researching urban planning and urban policies in 2015 joining a regeneration process for confiscated assets in the historic centre of Genoa doing advocacy planning and coordinating street art workshops.

Currently, with Eutropian, he is working on research, communications, and co-creation methodologies in projects addressing: the active social inclusion and citizen participation (URBACT ACTive NGOs), urban voids regeneration in the Danube Region (InterregAGORA), and the sustainable management of local communities’ heritage (H2020 OpenHeritage).

Yilmaz Vurucu boasts over 15 years of international experience in producing, writing and directing films, documentaries, and advertising campaigns. As an award winning filmmaker, his work covers a wide range of subjects, ranging from the ethics of technological development n his most recent project Daddy’s Arbitrage (2020) to sustainable urban development in “the Sea In me” (2010), social inclusion and justice in “borders” (2011), social inequality, class struggle and family abuse in “Dr. Zack” (2010) and capturing the stories of adaptive heritage re-use in The Open Heritage documentary series (2020). He’s currently busy creating a feature documentary on sustainable tourism.

At Eutropian, he leads communication for EU projects, creates narratives via films and social media campaigns and develops strategies to communicate complicated urban development issues to a wider public.

Sophie Bod is an energetic, hands-on project manager who combines academic excellence with expertise in communication assignments. She holds a BSc in Communications & Media Studies from the University of London and an MA from SOAS. She has over a decade of experience managing multifaceted projects, including working with several UK cultural institutions, NGOs, and some of the UK’s largest charities. She is currently working for a boutique PR agency as well as coordinating and editing the Cooperative City Magazine.

David Schermann has a teaching diploma in Geography & Psychology/Philosophy from the University of Vienna. His master’s thesis was about how geographical factors affect the loneliness experiences of elderly people. In addition, David is studying integrative urban development at the UAS Technikum Vienna. He is particularly interested in how urban spaces influences people’s interactions, cooperation and sense of well-being. He has also been working as a photographer for several years.
At Eutropian, David is mainly responsible for the back office and project assistance.

Lukács Hayes is an enthusiastic and cheerful researcher and project coordinator at Eutropian. He holds a bachelors’ degree in Sociology and Social Policy from the Corvinus University of Budapest and a masters’ degree in Political Science from the Central European University (Budapest campus). Lukács, with a combined 3 years of works experience as a freelance consultant, resercher, project manager and administrator at various public and private organisations has been working with Eutropian since the beginning of 2021. Currently, as part of the Budapest team, he mostly focuses on projects that involve the central and local municipalities of Budapest: e.g. EUARENAS (Municipality of Józsefváros, or 8th district), CUP4CREATIVITY (Municipality of Újbuda, or 11th ditrict) and CO4CITIES (Central Municipality of Budapest), as-well-as a wide range of partners from other European cities. 

Lukacs, apart from working with Eutropian, is affiliated with the Tom Lantos Institute and the Hungarian Central Statistics Office and he is also an active member of the opposition movement in Hungary.

Giovanni Pagano is an environmental researcher with a M. Sc degree in urban environmental management at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), the Netherlands, specialized in land use planning. He focuses his research on the socio-spatial qualities of the urban landscapes, particularly on community green initiatives, nature-based solutions, green infrastructure, and urban agriculture. At Eutropian he assists projects on environmental and collaborative processes. Additionally he contributes to a number of ongoing activities such as, writing proposals, facilitation and training through digital and social design strategies.

Another field of his research activities focuses on the social, economic and ecological vulnerabilities and sustainability of future-proof food systems, relating to the spatial qualities of the rural and urban landscapes and how their use needs to adapt and change. Commissioned by CURSA (Consorzio Universitario per la Ricerca Socio-economica e per l’Ambiente) he worked on the food policy of the Rome Metropolitan Area, part of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PSM). 

Stefano Patti is a professional actor that studied at the ACT Multimedia of Cinecittà and the AIAD of the Quirino Theatre. He has recently worked as protagonist at the Globe Theatre of Rome and the Stabile dell’Umbria. Parallely to his acting career he pursues his passion towards communication and graphic design, for which he has curated various campaigns in theatre and arts. Since 2015 he collaborates with Eutropian as graphic designer and communication advisor.

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